A Sweet New Collaboration

A Sweet New Collaboration

Your new branding and marketing team!

Your new branding and marketing team!

Today, life gets sweeter. Sweet Spot Marketing, a collaboration between two experienced marketing professionals, graphic designer/web developer Nyla Smith and copywriter Jamie McAllister, has officially launched.

Offering a mix of marketing consultation, branding knowhow, eye-popping designs and killer copy, Sweet Spot Marketing is a one-stop shop for businesses that want to find and hone their brand.

Who Are We?

Nyla Smith: A graphic designer and visual branding professional, Nyla earned a B.F.A. in Visual Communications from Washington University in St. Louis. From the classroom to the boardroom, she has put her marketing knowhow to work for clients in a myriad of industries – healthcare, education, retail, service-based businesses and nonprofits.

Jamie McAllister: A copywriter, content marketer and reporter with bylines in numerous publications, Jamie has written about everything from accordion maestros to LPGA golf pros. A member of the American Marketing Association, Jamie loves to stay up to date on the latest marketing topics. Digging for the hidden brand story and crafting a unique voice for companies is one of her specialties.

From the moment we connected, we felt a synergy. The more we worked together, the more we knew we had something special. So why not share it with the world? While we will each retain our own independent businesses (N-Vision Designs and McAllister Writing & Editing), we are now accepting projects where we can combine our talents and help others experience the magic we have felt (and created!) working together.

How Do We Do It?

We dive deep into the personality of your business. Once we have honed that essence, we combine forces to produce design and copy that bring out the best in each other, just like pairing amazing food with the perfect wine can make a meal more magical. We use a unique, brand-focused process to communicate your brand’s essence in a way that is both data-driven and psychologically-based. The result is a rock-solid marketing foundation that will last for years, allowing you to focus on bringing in profits instead of constantly looking for ways to effectively spread your marketing messages.

The words you use to describe your business and the design that surrounds those words should be created in the same space. Think about it. Your physical appearance did not develop independently of the way you communicate. Your appearance and your voice are both a product of who you are, developed together in harmony. You want your company’s brand to be crafted the same way. Two sides, one coin.

Branding is all about creating an experience for your customers. When you think about certain brands, you have knee-jerk reactions. For instance, mention GEICO and you most likely think of the gecko. Think about Progressive, and you think of Flo or one of the other characters they use to advertise their products. You also associate those well-known personalities with marketing messages about saving money. Whether you love or hate the gecko or Flo, they are easily recognizable characters with color choices and even hairstyles designed to make you as a consumer and viewer react a certain way. Those enduring characters help you associate an image with words. That’s branding.

Wouldn’t you love for your brand to be as recognizable as Flo or the GEICO gecko? Those brands are not created by accident or serendipity. There are time-tested formulas and methods used by the pros, and we can adapt them to suit your brand. We guide you on that process, discovering ways to strengthen your brand and finally feel confident about your messaging. Then we create the marketing materials to share your message with the world.

Want More?

Contact us at sweet@thesweetspot.marketing to schedule a branding and marketing consultation. Learn more about how we can design the website of your dreams, along with web copy that makes you want to stand up and shout. Need a new logo design or want to freshen up an old one? We do that, too. Whether print or online, we create custom design and content that make brands (and their fans!) happy.

Want to jumpstart your branding efforts? Visit www.thesweetspot.marketing to take our brand archetype quiz and receive your FREE branding guide so you can learn the secrets behind the marketing success of big-name brands.